Sunday, January 17, 2016

December 30, 2015

So what is up?? Sorry for not emailing much. Not much to say when you do the same thing every day. So i thought i would let you know that on Christmas Day we got to hear from   David A Bednar. WHAT? it was so sick! hahaha then later that night David Archuleta came and serenaded us with his vocals so that was cool. He started talking about his sister in Texas serving a mission. It was cool because i am good friends with her. She's awesome! I hope you all know that i don't regret coming here. It's SO HARD but it's so WORTH IT. I'm not perfect at all and i still have the same afflictions that i did when i was home. I still get annoyed with people REALLY EASILY but it's an incredible experience. I hope everyone had an amazing Christmas and i hope you all have a great New Year. Make a resolution with God because those are the best ones. I love all of you guys. !!

Just some Elders I like to hang with!

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