Wednesday, January 13, 2016

December 9, 2015

Guys life here in the MTC is great. Not all the time but i can honestly say that my highs are higher than my lowest lows.. I love that quote and i use it all the time. Think of how happy you are when you're the happiest you can be and that feeling doesn't compare to when you're the saddest you've felt in your saddest time. It's hard here. I'm not one to sugar coat things. It sucks. I'm in a class for 12 hours out of my 16 hour day. My life feels like it's wasting away at times. But then i look back on what i've learned in these short weeks and it doesn't compare to what i could be learning anywhere else. I encourage everyone to watch the Mormon Message " the Will of God" It's incredible. God gives us trials and afflictions and temptations to help us grow stronger. I love all of you guys and i hope you have a good week. 

P.S. Dearelder is a very good website if you ever have a funny story to share with me...

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