Wednesday, January 13, 2016


December 2, 2015
Guys this is crazy. If anyone is thinking about going on a mission i encourage it strongly. It's a lot of fun but you have to make it fun. We play William Tell with Nerf Guns and a Tennis ball and that is the extent of how our nights go. I am constantly having personal revelation so that's always cool. I'm starting to become my social outgoing self and the reason i wasn't before is because i literally didn't know anything about the MTC for the first few days. I see a lot of friends that i had before the mission and that is a blessing. I love singing in the choir because the director is a game changer when it comes to finding meaning in the songs. I hope everyone is doing well and i hope you guys know i love all of you. 

That's crazy that it's already been 2 weeks and that today is the start of my 3rd. Mom it's great here. I have had some personal revelation from what i use to say about everything and it helped a lot. It's that everything is going to be what you make it. I worried a little bit about my Visa and i want everything to work out that way but i'm pretty content with just going where i go and doing my thing! I miss you guys a lot. We got really close the last few months that i was home and i really am happy with how our family is. Mom you wouldn't believe how disrespectful and terribly raised some of the kids that are here. I want to just syllable strangle some of these kids.... hahaha but it's good. Thanksgiving was incredible. We had a service project but before the Dallin H. Oaks came and gave our devotional and that was life changing. 'm also in the choir and you guys know how i feel about music. I sometimes sit with Keller because we both get kind of sick of our companions. SO anyway. Choir. Last night we sang a song for the devotional call "Feel the wounds on Jesus' Hands" it's about the atonement and i started bawling in the middle of the practice on Sunday. I love music so much and i think that's the thing i miss the most other than family. Music has so much power and i love it. I don't think you understand how happy i was when i heard about Braydons Baptism. Thats amazing. He's such a great kid. If you don't mind would you keep in touch with him please. Anyway i'm going to try and figure out the SD card and send pictures. I love you so much mom and i also know that the church is true. Have a good week and i love you guys so much. 

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