Monday, April 25, 2016

Sam says a thing or two about a thing or two!

Now here is what is awesome about this Gospel! We can learn everyday and we can learn to look at the bright side. We can walk through $%#& and see the worst of situations but when we realize the power of God once again, WE SMILE! Heavenly Father HAS NOT CALLED US TO FAIL. He wants His kids to be happy and to have success. The trick is He wants us to grow on our own. We can fail every step of the way but with an attitude of gratitude that we received by trying for ourselves, we pick ourselves up and keep going. God didn't send Jesus Christ to the world to trick us, He has better things to do with His children. The atonement is the ONLY way that we can become better people everyday. This GOSPEL is perfect I have seen it change peoples lives, MINE! It has changed my life and I've seen it change some of the people here, I have seen the eyes of a soul of God light up after they have realized the truth. I have seen someone see the light and then have them darken up because there is always an opposite force. There is a story about 2 wolves and I want you guys to look it up. its called "Tale of Two Wolves." Read that story and ask yourself that question. Every time I do something I ask myself that question. Mom, I feel the power of this Gospel everyday, there are days when I don't have any desire to do anything, but I do it. It's not important how I felt, GOD HELPS ME FEEL BETTER! I love this church and you have been an example of how to live it. There were many paths I could have gone down but I didn't because you taught me not to. I have my demons and I have my angels. I have my 2 wolves and I'm choosing the right one. I love you Mom. Thanks for everything.. I am lacking of pomade from Stevie's salon... Love you!

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