Sunday, August 28, 2016

August 22, 2016

Happy 50th Birthday Mom! ( Note from the Mom:I have no idea why my children feel the need to make me be 50 before I truly am)

Life is good, I still am in a constant battle of good and evil and it is a pain to get up and battle some times. We are not really having the success they are asking us for, but we are trying really hard. It's hard to take the lead all the time while training. I truly have faith in my companion that he is here to perform miracles too so I let him take the lead too. Elder Tibbs is cool.
We are working with a less active family right now and I was testifying of the temple and so was my companion and then the mom just told us straight up that she doesn't feel the importance at all from the words we said. It was maybe the biggest slap in the face I have ever received in my life. It hurt my testimony really bad. I am working hard everyday to conquer Satan and I feel like I am getting stronger and stronger but sometimes I just feel so tired and that don't know if I can keep going. Life is good, right?
I write Keller every week and with friends it hasn't been as consistent. Its super weird that people are already finishing all of the mission! I am teaching a few people from where Andrew Rietveld served, so that is cool.

So I had a lady who lives in Utah take a package home and hope you guys get it. She lives near Layton and it was really weird to watch her just leave to go back to my state, I am not going to lie, I got super homesick! Also sorry if you don´t like the gifts I sent you guys, I have limited resources. Everyone looks great in the pictures you send, keep sending them, I love you all so much!
Elder Sam Hansgen

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