Tuesday, June 6, 2017

May 8, 2017

"old lady (does all this crying) stands up to bear her testimony" 1-2 minutes
"talks about all of the terrible things that happened during the week" 3-4 minutes
"finishes with her testimony about something she learned through those experiences" 35 seconds

Monday- Puerto Jimenez. Such a beautiful place. We went in Lancha and it was so cool!! We played soccer on the beach and it was a good time! Until someone fell on my companions leg and he got injured! So I was all relax just waiting for him to rub some dirt on it and we were going to keep playing! But here he is still with his knee up. Honestly it was pretty bad and honestly he is really hurt but its just hard because we both want to work but we couldn´t 100%.

Tuesday- We went to Golfito and it was cool. We went to a member that rubbed out my comps knee. It was cool. I don´t know what she gave us to eat but we ate it all and it was decent.

Wednesday- We were both in and out of the bathroom and it was literally terrible. So yeah we couldn´t really work that day because we were pretty sick.

Thursday- We were super sick still and it was terrible because what fell from the sky was not only rain, it was a torrential down pour! It's super crazy and honestly it was hard to go out and work. Its also the day where we normally have the most contacts because everyone shows up to the MEJENGA.

Friday- We had divisions with the Elders from San Vito and it was the only day that we could really work but still I felt sick and I wasn't able to work 100% percent.

Saturday- I was at like 90% percent and my companion and I had gotten like a little cold. I just had a headache but my companion almost couldn´t get out of bed. So I studied a ton and cleaned the house real well. We live in a nice house and its been nice because there is air conditioning.

Sunday was a good testimony meeting and it was great to be in the church again. BUT THAT'S NOT ALL....to top of the stellar week with one heck of a bang, a dog bit my companion, hahaha! Nothing serious and lets hope the dog wasn´t infected with something crazy but we will see!

That was my week and I encourage all of you to try and top it! Love you all and have a good week!

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