Monday, July 31, 2017

July 17, 2017

Well, I guess I'm old now. ha ha. I told myself before the mission that when Walker got home "that's when I become old" and with the picture I received today it looks like I am old now. Walker looks good! I hope he is still loving life.
Well, I am so so so so so so so so jealous of you guys for being able to go to the temple! I miss the temple and I want to go to the Timpanogas temple first thing!

Something Happy: Well I am a missionary of the only truth so that's pretty freaking great! Honestly, I am just loving life. I have a great mission and a strong testimony. I know why I am here and I know that we are all here just to be happy. We have people treat us like crap but we just keep going! We are most likely going to have a baptism next week so that will be awesome! We had a Zone Conference last week and we just talked about the Book of Mormon the whole time so that was pretty freaking awesome, I love that book so much! While President Hayes was teaching us he would just yell a random name and have us teach a chapter of the Book of Mormon and then teach ONE principle of the gospel. He picked all the old people and I was picked to share so I read a few verses from Mormon 9 and shared that we need to first have faith that God can still perform miracles and then ask for them. It's just a simple principle that I like. It was a fun and uplifting conference!

Something Sad: Well last week a member who has been pushing himself to help us more was asked to give a talk and asked us to help him prepare it. So we went to the church and helped him write it all and he has a hard time reading so we had to help a lot more than what we had expected so we were with him for about 6 hours during the week helping him with his talk and he honestly had a really good talk ready to teach and share. We were excited to hear it. He was excited and told us he wanted to give more talks in the future so we were really excited! Then Sunday comes around and he didn't go to church and sent us a message and said. I don't want to give a talk, sorry. Now he is just ignoring our calls and everything. Not going to lie I just got so frustrated with him and I really couldn't believe that he would do something like that. I felt bad because in my mind we had wasted so much time helping him that we couldn't complete our other goals. I was just angry with him and I was angry at myself for putting so much time in a "lost cause" but now that I think about it he is just a little more prepared for when he does give a talk and he got to study the scriptures for about 6 hours during the week so that's always good!

Something you don't know about me: I love chubby people. I truly believe that they are happier, ha ha ha! I love them so much and I have a funny story and picture that goes with it! Chubby people are just more open. I think that's why I love Costa Rica women so much (the Christ like love) but they are sometimes a little overweight and they are like so fun to tease! Anyway there is a member that lives up in the cold mountains and her family is a little chubbier and they all look the same. Anyways she lived in New York and Canada for a long time but she only learned French. She's really cool! But one day, last week she was telling us all the places they have been and I said... "well you guys are just showing off how many places you have been!" Then she said, what I think is one of the funniest things I have heard in the longest time! She said... " oh yeah! We are like the Kardashians just the fat Latin version..." hahhhaahahahahah I laughed so hard because they just say things how they are and they don't really care.! I loved the joke so much I made them take a picture with me. They all said that I can go to Costa Rica and stay with them when ever I want to come back and visit! ha ha ha its going to be great!

Last week I saw a monkey and it got hit by a car! My comp tried to save it from the road and whipped it by its tail to get it off the road and then we watched a little baby monkey take his last breath, so sad!

Love you all and I will see you soon! But for now I need to keep working!! Have a good week!

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