Sunday, October 22, 2017

October 16, 2017

Well Mother if I am honest I absolutely cannot wait to see you guys again! I love this country and I love the moments I have been able to experience here, but it is nothing compared to the fun and the memories we have made as a family! I truly have been able to come to love you all. I am way pumped to get to know you guys again. I have truly come to know what my role is in the family and it isn't much different than yours. We all just need to help each other, it really is that simple. I love you all and it truly has been an incredible testimony for me that my conversion will keep growing. I need to help others to do the same and continue to look for the help from those that are offering me help.
Its been awesome, but yeah. I made a video so I hope you all can see that! Have a good week! bye!

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