Sunday, October 22, 2017

October 2, 2017

​Well we watched the Conference in Spanish at the church and I did not love having to watch it in Spanish, it gives me a huge headache! There were some incredible messages, I liked it a lot. I really loved Elder Rasband's talk and I always will. I feel that his words are pure and that is what I like.
I'm sorry to hear about Kelli's Dad. tell them that I love them.
Honestly I loved Henry B Eyring's talk about why we have faith in this church. I wrote down some of my thoughts after his talk and basically feel the reason I have faith and act the way I do is because God has promised me more than I have or will ever have. It takes faith to believe that this is true and the blessings will be there. I love this church. I love this gospel I testify that we truly are a family forever. I love it so much and I love this mission. I love all of you and know that you all hold a special place in my CORAZON! Have a good week! See you soon!

PS---Well that is crazy (Parker Goudie's mission call to Columbia). Everyone is getting so big< I remember seeing Parker in High School. Its weird how fast time goes by.

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