Monday, March 21, 2016

March 21, 2016

Holy Cow, this week has been super up and down! Comp and I had a little outing and now were pretty tight. He's a good guy but he is almost dead so I think he's just done with his mission. But hey I feel good. We have not had any success but I am trying really hard to help people find the importance of this Gospel. I promise blessings with every thing we invite them to do.
We went to the mountains again with him (comp) and it was the first time he really let his hair down and had fun.
So my Spanish is really going good, I can talk with anyone and I understand about 95 percent. I went on Divisions with the Zone Leaders and every one said my spanish was better than a the ZL who goes home in 2 months. So that was pretty cool. We have been having a ton of lessons in one area of our area and we have like 7 families that we visit regularly. It's kind of a bummer because the don't want to do anything to progress further.
I love hearing from all you guys on Mondays and it is such a blessing! I hope everyone is doing well! Hey I want to hear more funny stories and I'll try to keep you guys in touch with the funny things we talk about as missionaries. Life is good and I love all of you guys! Take an opportunity to help out the world by sharing the gospel. It puts you in a good mood!

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