Sunday, April 24, 2016

April 18.2016

Life really is good, I love the mission I play soccer and I teach the Gospel the only down side is that I am freakin" burnt right now. We played soccer as a zone and we played for like 4 hours! It was super sick but I am RED! Let me tell you about some investigators because we actually have some now...

First, David & Silvio: David is 23 and Silvio is 13. Their parents passed away when Silvio was 1 so it has been hard for him to raise himself, but he is an amazing kid. He makes me feel worthless, jk he really has a huge heart and works on gaining a testimony about whatever we are teaching. He loves giving me crap about all the mistakes I make with my Spanish. We are hoping to baptize him. David is 23 and he works making tortillas and other odd jobs around town. He goes to Institute every week and church too. He told me that he has found the truth and he doesn't want to leave. He has epilepsy and sometimes he is super sick from that but he powers through. They live with their G'ma and she is super sick as well, and the doctors don't know whats up. I have seen her 2 times, normally shes clocked out asleep at like 3 in the afternoon. She is the sweetest lady..
Second, Tatiana, Marilyn, and Camilla. Tatiana is the aunt of the other 2 girls and she went through #$%! when her husband told her he got another girl pregnant and then robbed her. That happened the day before their 1st time in church. Then when they went to church a member in Relief Society treated her really badly so it was hard to get her heart open to come back but now they all want to be baptized!
So, those are the golden ones and the people I love going to visit. I love visiting everyone but those are special.

Life is good in the mission and I'm super pumped to keep going. I finish 5 months today and it feels like 4 years and 4 minutes at the same time. I love the chance I have to be a representative of Jesus Christ and the blessings that come from this work. I almost cried when I heard about how many people are going on missions because I love it so much.. I love you guys so much and I hope you all search for the Lord in your life because He's a pretty good dude.

Love you all and keep it real...

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