Monday, April 4, 2016

April 4, 2016

Things are going a lot better and my companion are working together. I'm still super close to the other Gringo in the house, he and I have so much fun together, he is kind of a goon so it's super funny.
I am sooooo excited to Skype you guys in a month, it will come so fast!
But hey! Did anyone else feel like conference was the most amazing thing ever? It made me super homesick because it's like 15 minutes away from where i live but whatever. I a saw Morgan, Soren and Caden Selph so thats cool.

The mission is super cool! I love watching it change people. This guy named Noel woke his wife up at 2;00 in the morning because he had memorized a hymn and wanted to tell her. That's the power this gospel has... When I am having problems with my life or doubts I can talk to a Celestial Being and He WILL help me with my problems. He doesn't want his children unhappy, He doesn't want us to be in pain. He wants us to be happy and have success. I love that about Him... He is the Father of thousands of people and He knows every single one of us! Also the BOM is the most powerful tool in this life, it is a book of answers. I'm in Alma for the second time since I have been on my mission. Every day I put my nose in that book I come out a better person. I've seen peoples eyes light up when they know the importance of our message. I've had investigators tell me that they know that what we taught was true because they can feel the presence of God with us, it is incredible! Yeah, I'm weird! I'm a Representative of Christ, I put on a plaque that gives me the right to change peoples lives! HECK yes I have changed, for right now I have put away the importance of the world and I've started helping people. I'm not scared to love a stranger, I wasn't afraid before the mission either but now I love people who I know hate me! There are those that run away from us in the streets, kids have lied to me and kids have spit on me. People call me awful names, one of them being my comp. BUT I LOVE IT! I love the mission. I have wanted to quit. I have wanted to turn away and run I have wanted to be cuddled up right next to my Dad watching the weirdest movie and being covered in covered in dog hair! BUT, I will not do it, quitting is not a part of our eternal progression. Heavenly Father and Jesus Christ are preparing our celestial mansion in heaven. All we need to do is stay faithful. Its hard i know that, I've fallen more times than I can count and more times than I can count Christ has lifted me up to a higher potential. This is what I have felt in this short time of being a missionary and this is what I have loved about my life as a missionary.
Side note--- I bought a pair of Crocs for like 3 bucks today. A few birthday requests---Dri Lux tops, medium please and also an electric razor because mine is super old and destroying my face!
I love you guys and I hope you feel the importance of this gospel!
Elder Samson Hansgen

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