Monday, June 13, 2016

June 13, 2016

Mother DEAREST: I apologize but for our P-Day we did paintball and the zip-lines in the mountains, I don't have much time to write. This goes down as best P-DAY on the mish so far.
Okay, so the activity...We went somewhere called "Fossil-land" and it was insane. There was this 50 year old dude that was the most (THE MOST) energetic person I have ever met in my entire life. He was making jokes both clean and dirty both in English and Spanish. It was so fun. We did a ton of competitions and team games including paintball. It was awesome, I'm a lot better at real life hunting than paintball, but it was still fun. Then we did a 300 meter zip-line from one mountain to another. It was cool, you could see all of San Jose. Then we came here and started writing. It was the coolest P-DAY!

My ZL is praying I come with him this change but it's not that likely. He's from HONDY and we are way good friends. We went out to eat today as a zone and I love it because we have a ton of zone unity.
Lets see, what else? I still love the feeling of brushing my teeth. But funny story. I had a canker on my tongue the size of a quarter and the members told me to scrap it off with my toothbrush until it bled.. So I don't know what kind of Latin JUJU that is but I didnt do it. I used a little bit of my money to buy some prescription medication and it turned out just fine. But for real it was the most concentrated pain I have ever felt in my life. I didn't eat or drink much let alone talk to anyone for like 2 days. It sucked. But I'm all good now. The nurse in the mission told me that she had no idea what that even was so that was amazingly comforting.

So we are receiving a ton of support from the ward since the conversation at ward council. I spoke my mind and if they want to help they can and they did so its cool. We will have 6 baptisms this week and then I will be shipped off for the motherland of some other area. We have the best numbers in the zone and its super cool because we are the youngest companionship. I just love it. We have bomb investigators and its super fun to work with my comp. We are going to smash the zone goal but I wont be here so celebrate I don't think. I probably have changes.

I got a few emails from good friends in High School today so that was super cool to hear from them, just good to catch up. Anyways that is good you guys were chilling with Gramps Sunday, he's a good man. Please keep in touch with Braydon and Shannon, I love them and want them to do well.

But yeah I love you guys and I know this church is true. The Lord guides me in all that I do and that is how it should be. Love you guys and have a good week!

I took a photo with this family because I don't remember what my real one looks like. Love you guys.

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