Thursday, June 9, 2016

June 6, 2016

Well, we have not baptized all those that we thought we would. Unfortunately, it is because some of the investigators lied to us and said they were married when they really are not. They say I will be leaving on the next transfer so unless we receive a miracle I won't be able to be here for their baptisms, but it's cool.
The backpack is an absolute game changer. I love it with every bit of my soul. Also the goodies, which are all gone because I shared them with my stomach, were awesome. The mission is great!
Two youth just got called to the same area and they leave on the same day so that is crazy. I almost got into an argument with some people at ward council because they started talking bad about the missionaries and said that we were not doing our job and baptizing people. Well there are almost 400 names in the registry of this ward and only 180 people attend church. So I just said, something like they had some work to do as well.
There is the DUMBEST MOST POINTLESS WORTHLESS tv show called "Kombate" and I met the owner. It's one of the most popular tv shows in this country.
President Hayes came to our baptism and I just LOVE HERMANA HAYES, she is the greatest human being this side of the EQUATOR!
I don't know what the deal is but in the last two weeks people have gifted me about 8 pairs of shoes and I got 4 ties last night. It's pretty cool but I don't think I have enough room for when/if I have transfers. Life really is super cool though. I love, love, love my companion. We are the youngest companionship in the zone and we have the best numbers so that is really cool. I love him to death. HMMMM que mas?? ZONE ACTIVITY:: We played soccer against the Cartago Zone and it was super fun but I am REALLY TIRED: I haven't played soccer since NAM! We lost 3-2 and it kinda sucked, I think my soccer days are over. I lost all that "back in High School" hahaha! I did score both goals for our team so it was pretty fun.
I got a package from Shannon and Braydon. Like 6 people wrote to me from INO so that was pretty fun. Also Shannon's sister and the girls wrote to me so that was super cute. I love it here. I love that I am helping. I love that you guys are helping me. I feel the love and support from every single one of you guys. I love you so much and wish you all the happiest of weeks! Love Elder Sam Hansgen

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