Friday, June 3, 2016

May 30, 2016

So, Mom I got the package with the backpack so I feel like a new man! It was super cool, I love it so much. Also thanks for the all the other stuff that you gave me! I sent a letter to G'MA PAULINE but I still need the addresses of the other Grandparents!
I love it here, we went into the city and I tried to talk with every white person I could see. I met 2 guys from NYC who are in the Peace Corp or something like it. But it was sick. I learned that white people don't like other white people hmmmm. They didn't want to talk to me really, but oh well.
I bought a few necessities with the money and I have no idea if that was said correctly or not.
Mom, I am so happy, I love my life. It is a blessing to even be considered for the blessings I am receiving. Soon we will have a soccer game between two zones here so I will see Elder Cuevas another time before he lives so that is fun! I love the life I live. I'm happy for all my blessings.
Okay story time... The tradition here is to throw eggs when its someones birthday. It is super fun and so I let a family I know throw some eggs at me. It was a good time, it was all over my head. But life is good Mom. I thank God every single day for the blessed life I live. I don't think I'm worthy of all my blessings but I sure do love it.! Keep in touch with family friends Mom, it's a blessing to have and make friends as easily as we do. So, this is it, my birthday was amazing and I love my life.
Keep on going in the good word of God. ALWAYS REMEMBER THAT LOVING ONE ANOTHER IS A COMMANDMENT FROM GOD. Love you guys!

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