Friday, June 3, 2016

May 23, 2016

We have some "BOMB" investigators and it is super fun to just jam pack our day with a ton of stuff to do, it really is great. There is this member who is less active because no one helps her down the stairs of her house(you guys should ask if there is a way to help less actives) she gave us these SUPER FLAT cookies that you eat with sweetened condensed milk and I made it into a game so that was super fun.. Pictures will follow.

Also, for 30 dollars I bought a USB with 500 gigabytes so that is super awesome, I thought it was worth it but now I am BROKE! I don't know what to say to you guy's I'm just super duper happy! I love the people I live with and I love the area I am in. I thought it was going to be hard and my ADD would kick in walking the same streets and talking to the same people but it doesn't. I LOVE IT: Our district is the district that is the "pillar of strength" as our Zone Leaders say, so that is super cool. We have had a ton of success lately. The changes have been good, but what is most important is the fact that all of us are working hard. I won't want to leave this area but it will be a reality and I'll go and love the people somewhere else. I also love the relationships I have made in the mission. I have met people from all over the world here in good 'ol LATIN AMERICA and I think it is freakin' awesome!
I love all of you and I know I am not preaching lies, this gospel changes lives. We just have to let it. Love you all!!! Have a good week!

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