Friday, June 3, 2016

May 16, 2016

So we had another zone activity today and I am one of the oldest ones in the zone so that is super weird. We went to a park and played kickball and soccer.
We are going to smash the zone goal and we are going to be able to have some fun next month, I love it! But yeah life really is good. I thought about something really weird the other day, "worthiness in the positive." I thought, I am not worthy of the blessings I am receiving in this life, I kept thinking that I had too many mistakes to be receiving all of this love. I am gaining a testimony that "THEY" want us to be happy we just need to be worthy for the happiness.
It really is a blessing to have a family that has always had my back. I always had 4 people pushing me in every good direction. Also, I got the small package today from the office and I love that journal. Thank you for the love and support. That is a super funny story from Dad and you, I laughed and read it to Shumway, I loved it so much! I love my zone and I love my mission. It is a huge blessing to be here in Costa Rica. I will see you guys soon and I'm looking forward to that day, but in the mean time I'm gonna keep working hard, sound good? Love you guys! Have a good week

Zone Activity
Elder Mejia from "Hondy"

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