Monday, July 4, 2016

July 4, 2016

Wow! I will try and respond to all of the questions and still tell some stories because YESTERDAY WAS CRAZYYYY: I want you find President Hayes and give him a huge hug, he is the greatest person ever and it makes me super sad that he isn't here. Its gonna be weird with the other President, but he's good. The other area I was in was close to mountains but now I really am in the mountains. We use bus to get everywhere because the little towns are separate dwellings of a town.. ha ha ha i don't know how to say that in English. I will send some pictures. But hey, Braydon just sent me an email and said he wants so serve a mission so that is so cool! The sister missionaries in the district are great, they are from Belize Argentina Guatemala and California. Our district is cool, I love all of them. We are working super hard and it is a lot of fun when we are all together. I have heard that people stay in this area (Paraisio) for a long time. I like is so I am not upset with that. Ummm, we went out to eat a few times to celebrate changes and everything so that is the only time I use extra money, we always have enough money to live. COOLIO that everyone is getting married and I am as single as a Pringle. It's cool though. I'M A LONE WOLF REMEMBER!! Nah, but for real if anyone has a cute cousin I am MORE THAN WILLING: JK I am focused here.

Story: So, I am on divisions with the other missionary of my district WALKING AROUND SUPER DUPER LOST BECAUSE I HAVE HAD LIKE 2 WEEKS IN THIS HUGE AREA. Okay, we are just contacting and trying to find GOOD new investigators. So we start talking to this dude and he just shakes and shakes. He has been in Prison on 7 different occasions so I kinda knew where this lesson was gonna go. We start the lesson and he says that he doesn't believe in God or Jesus Christ. He believes in "THE GREAT I AM" so I was like alright I can work with that. All I told him was that its the same person and that changed everything. He believed it right of the bat, it was weird. Then he started crying and wouldn't stop for about 40 minutes. It was cray. So I ended up inviting him to church and he said he would go. I was convinced that he wouldn't. We show up to church on Sunday about 10 minutes before its to start and THERE HE IS! Sitting on the second row reading a book about how to be self sufficient, there is the first red flag! He shows up in an orange polo, so he was rocking that deal! I sat down next to him and minded my own business. Now if you guys didn't know yesterday was Fast Sunday so everyone was bearing their testimony. It was fun. (I say super enthusiastically.) THE GUY HAS TERRETS AND WAS BELLY LAUGHING THE ENTIRE SACRAMENT DURING EVERY SINGLE TESTIMONY AND I WAS SITTING RIGHT NEXT TO HIM. So the day goes on and everyone was giving me terrible looks and harassing me for sitting by him. They thought I wasn't trying to tell him to be quiet, but what can I do when its a mental problem like that? So we go on with the Sunday stuff and it was a good day until the Bishop gives me a ton of crap about his guy and so I felt like an idiot. BUT WAIT THERE'S MORE: (Bad advertisement on Sundays before church) THE SISTERS HAVE BEEN TOLD TO NEVER GO NEAR HIS HOUSE BECAUSE HE SAYS AWFUL SEXUAL THINGS TO THEM. AND I AM THE ONE WHO BROUGHT HIM TO CHURCH! So that was my weekend and oh yeah we played a little bit of soccer today. I love you guys and I hope that you have a great day celebrating the birthday of America. Love you all!

This is what the area looks like.

This is at a a birthday party we had for a recent convert, it was a lot of fun.

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