Sunday, August 28, 2016

August 15, 2016

This week was good,but this weekend was hard. We had a TON OF SUCCESS up until Friday... THEN NO ONE IN THIS COUNTRY WANTED TO TALK TO US, not even the members! It was horrible, I felt so terrible. Here i am trying to have success with a new missionary and not one person wanted to talk to us. It sucked. I felt worthless because no one wanted to let us in.
I realized this week something that I am sure ALL of you guys already knew, I LOVE COMPETING...In any way, shape, or form. People talk to us about the Olympics and I MISS it so much. I miss playing and really there isn't a feeling that compares to competing. I thanked God this week for that passion of mine, it has helped me on my mission actually. It has always been a part of our family too. I love just knowing that you guys always had my back and I love the unity our family had in sports. It is so weir here, families live together forever in the same house in Costa Rica. There are 40 year olds that live with their parents still but they NEVER go to watch their kid play soccer.. JAMAS. Its weird.
So although we have not had a ton of success, we are working really hard so I like that. Nine months on the mission and I cannot believe it, I love it, I love the people I meet and the fun of getting to know more and more people.
I want you guys to still send me pictures of stuff you guys do!! I take a picture of almost everything, ha ha, its super fun because then I look through all of them and remember all the great stuff that has happened.
I love you guys and I hope you all know that. Anyways, here are more pictures...

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