Monday, August 8, 2016

August 8, 2016

Training is a little hard! I just feel like I need to put the example of how to work hard and do everything so he knows how to do it but I only have 3 month to do it all. It's been good though.

I'm really sorry to hear about Bryan Shama, it really is a bummer.

Yes mom, in the 9 months of being a missionary of the Lord in the Spanish language I have shared my beliefs in the things I teach. 1 or 2 times. Hahaha! (This sarcastic comment is in answer to a question I had. I simply asked if he had bore his testimony in Spanish? I meant like in a Sacrament Meeting setting, in front of a congregation)

We have been teaching a family from El Salvador. They came here in January so they have had the same amount of time in this country as me. It is really cool to teach them because the mom is a member and the dad is really closed and doesn't like to talk to people he doesn't like. So he is really like Dad! Plus he loves to tell stories so it is even better to be with him. He obviously loves me and it is really fun because we always just joke around with each other. I feel bad because my comp can't understand a lot of the things we say because he is new.
I only speak to my companion in Spanish and it is really weird talking in Spanish to someone who's white. His name is Steven Tibbs and he is from Flagstaff Arizona. He is a really energetic kid and he really just wants to help me and everyone else out. But its weird. We are SUPER different but he is a good kid, but its cool how the mission just brings every one together.

Life is really good, I have just been loving the mission and I love the way that I can see myself growing. It really is going to help me in my entire life. I love the feeling I have out here. Not gonna lie, some days I really do miss you guys, but it is just for a moment. Then I start working hard again. :) I love you guys and I hope you're doing well. Have a good week!!!

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