Monday, August 28, 2017

August 14, 2017

​Well I would love to get some pictures of the wedding, my family, my friends, literally anyone! hahaha!

Monday- We went and played soccer on an open field and that was a good time. We had a good lesson with the recent convert who was baptized a few weeks ago​ and it was a good lesson.

Tuesday- We had District Meeting and then we had a few good lessons with a really great Family Home Evening. We went to a certain district Meeting because the missionaries there were having a few obedience problems so we had to go and CORTAR JUPAS: It was nice and now we have 2 new missionaries there so PROBLEM SOLVED! (we didn't do anything they just had changes)

Wednesday- A normal day. We had a few really good lessons and we went with a few teenagers to play soccer. They told us if we wake them up for church they will go. So that's what we did:)

Thursday- We went to San Jose at 3 in the morning! I WAS SO MAD BECAUSE I COULDN'T SLEEP! We went so we could go on divisions with the Assistants. It was a good time but we didn't leave the office until 5 so that was kind of 100% terrible, and tiring!

Friday- We had a lot of fun in the leadership meeting and I learned a lot of new things. Elder Lauaki Sablan is always a great person to see, he was my companion in the MTC, so its always great seeing him! haha!

Saturday- Another great day because we had English classes and then a Mothers day activity!

Sunday- Sundays are always stressful for me, you never know if there will be leadership there. This Sunday we had 7 investigators in church and 4 less actives and there were only 23 people there. Or in other words.. If the mission force was not present in the church there would have been 11 people there! It stresses me out so much down here because if we don't visit all of the members then they don't come to church but if we don't push ourselves to find new investigators and baptize our leaders get upset, its rough. But at the end of I am very happy with my efforts!

That was my week. I know this is the true church and I love every second of this hard mission. I am learning a ton!

I love you all and if Ely's countdown calculation is correct I will see you in 79 days.. LOL! Bye!

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