Wednesday, September 27, 2017

September 11, 2017

WEIRD, almost all of my friends are home!

Uhmmm, last week was really special! We started focusing on how we could have members be more connected, like a spider web but a lot cooler and with human bodies! We had the idea to make lunch with a lady and go and take it to someone else from the branch. It turns out they are like best of friends and they love each other. It was a sister who comes to church like 2 times a month. It was really cool to see how she got really excited again about the church and going to see her friend.

A funny story... Well I was in Canoas last week and this chubbier lady was helping me buy shoes for another missionary(that is why it looks like I spending so much money, other missionaries pay me back for getting them shoes) So, I was looking at shoes and then a shirt really caught my attention!!! #impulsebuy it's like the coolest looking shirt and I promise that not one Latin exists on the face of this earth that would wear it. It's like this blue swordfish fishing shirt. I asked her (the lady)if the shirt was good looking and she looked at me and said.. "you're good looking but the shirt isn't." I then paused for about 15 seconds and just said, "thank you." She then ran off because she was super embarrassed. Her face was bright red, it was really funny, ha ha ha! I bought two pairs of shoes for a missionary and he will be paying me on Friday.

Something that makes me tear up and get all sensitive? It happens mostly when I am teaching or when I am really frustrated. I want these members to get it and a lot of them just don't want to understand it. When I am teaching and I start talking about how many times I didn't take advantage of spiritual opportunities that I had available and now how badly I want them to have those experiences. Just like simple stuff, for instance no one here wants to go to EFY because they say "none of their friends are members" or "other people they like are not going." Its just simple stuff that I didn't do that I wish I would have. There are a lot of things that I want people to understand and it just stresses me out when I can see that they don't want to understand, they harden their hearts... sometimes it sucks!
Also, whenever I read one of your letters. It's crazy, I miss you guys so much, it's going to be sweet to see each other again.

Love you all and I hope you're doing okay. Have a good week!

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