Wednesday, September 27, 2017

September 18, 2017

Well everything sounds great! Honestly, I love hearing about the wedding stuff! My comps two sisters are going to get married soon as well, one on the 20th of December and the other on the 23th! STRESSFUL!

I asked Samson to tell me about some of his favorite families.

A family that I really care about?? Wow, the list could go on and on... Lets start with a few of the basics:

San Miguel:
Mauricio y Ileana- My Mom and Dad of the area, I love their kids and I loved every second of being with them. They were really loving and were willing to do Noches De Hogar with us. I love that family and I do want to visit them.
Familia Peña- They were really nice to me and loved watching me play soccer. There oldest son is in EL Salvador on his mission and he gets home next August, he is awesome!

Familia Flores- My last night in San Miguel the Dad who is now the Bishop looked at me and said, "Elder Hansgen, don't change who you are!" I love them so much and there oldest son is preparing to serve a mission as we write.

Helen and Walter, they were inactive when I showed up and they had a really hard time just feeling the joy and happiness the gospel brings. Elder Tibbs and I worked with them a lot and when I call them every once in a while they are doing great! One of their sons just got baptized a few months ago, life is awesome!
Manuel and Marta, from El Salvador. He is an investigator still because a lot of paperwork problems. He has not been able to be married yet but when I left he thanked me for helping him understand "un libro tan maravilloso" the Book of Mormon.

La Loma:
Vanessa and Miguel- Converts that are inactive and it breaks my heart, but for me they will always be family! I love them to death! I actually only call her Mom! hahaha
Bishop Quesada- Stevie met him. I have never met someone so dedicated to loving everyone! I truly felt the Christlike attributes that he has developed. A very big example for me and I love him a lot. ​
​Alejandro and Yessenia- This family was a straight up miracle with how fast they became converted. We met them and they were not married. We told them they needed to do that and in 2 weeks they were making that step. I love them and honestly it was a lot of fun because they pushed themselves really, really, really, hard to live the gospel. Yessenia has graduated from the Self-Reliance program and Alejandro is a part of the Elders Quorum Presidency. They are awesome!

Rojas Familia- I love these people! They were inactive about 3 months ago and now the son is an ordained Teacher as of yesterday and the daughter is a Young Womens counselor as of yesterday! I love them so much and cant wait for you to meet them.
Mendoza Familia- The Branch President, I almost have the same time being in the mission as he does being a member and he has taken a huge leap of faith by being the Branch President. He doesn't understand a lot but I admire his faith in the calling.
It was really cool helping Pte. Mendoza out with interviews and putting in the callings (Rojas familia) in the computer and the church system. These are things that I will need to know for the future.

All in all the people of this country are crazy different than anything I have ever known. I love them to death though! ​I love this country and it has been a very big blessing and given me many memories. It is cool to have witnessed all the amazing things God has been able to do through our service as missionaries. I love these people and I know it is going to be so hard to say goodbye to this country. I hope I can come back often.

I love you all and hope you have a good week! BYE

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