Sunday, January 24, 2016

January 18, 2016

Names of my companions:
Elder Espinoza (Mexico)
Elder Coreas (El Salvador)
Elder Rivadeniera (Panama)

Name of the area I am serving: La Paz San Miguel 

It is pretty dangerous here. For example i have been offered weed, coffee and girls. People love picking on the gringos! Something that is  cool is that a lot of people have keys to the church and it is a gated, safe haven.  I think my favorite part about being in this area is how united the church is; when something is going  on at the church EVERYONE is there. It's kind of a beautiful thing because we are all like the United Latter-Day Saints. We have loyalty to one another and  i think that's something that the church in USA is missing. The love for one another.

​This is my area and tell me you wouldn't get lost.. hahaha its sick though.. also. I walk around with toilet paper in my bag because sometimes the toilets are just holes... hahahaha WHAT???

​This is the view from my room. hahaha every morning..

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