Friday, February 5, 2016

January 25, 2016

Mom the dogs here are possessed but... like dad I have a gift with dogs. My comp is absolutely horrified of dogs and he freaks out when I play with them.  When you don't understand the language you kind of have find something to do! I play soccer at least once a day. Today we played  about 2 hours of futsal. It was tight. 
So, my area... basically the air smells like heaven when I'm in the mountains and when I'm closer to the town I feel like my nose is rotting from the inside out. But it's cool. Our area is mountains... We walk up massive hills and run down massive hills! I eat rice and beans, everyday. Also lunch is like 2-3 hours long, no joke. We take so long because we don't eat dinner until like 10 o'clock at night. My companion always asks me to help him fill out the investigators papers but I don't know how because it's all in Spanish and he doesn't help me so that's pretty sick, hahaha!
Mom I love it here and my personality is starting to come out so we will see how that ends up :)
A few things, this Saturday Elder Cook is coming to talk to San Jose East and West missions, which means I will see Truman, from Sparta remember? Pumped. Also,  when sending packages you HAVE to send them USPS, nothing else gets here. I need a mix of church music asap, I am dying for music!
Thanks mom for everything. Im reading the scrips  in spanish only and also reading Jesus the Christ! Love you mom thank you for everything. Ill never forget the house that raised me!

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