Friday, February 26, 2016

February 1, 2016

MOM! Our house caught on fire!! We are all living in the kitchen and it is absolutely terrible.. One Elder lost all his clothes and everything. All of my stuff smells like smoke and it's kind of horrible!

I love all the members here, love working with the missionaries.

My companions stink at soccer but some of the kids here are pretty good. There is a missionary here in a different area but same Zone as me and Walker knows his family in Chicago, how cool is that. Life is still pretty freaking hard.. I get lost in lessons because half the people here have no teeth. Also, after 7 o'clock everyone is drunk.. in the morning too.  
Elder Cook left us with a blessing that if we work hard on our mission everyone that we know, knew or will ever know will recieve blessings beyond compare. It was super comforting because some days are just awful.. I love you mom and I love talking about me all the time but I would like to hear how your life is!!

I have for sure met people and families  that I will never forget!  I saw Truman, it was awesome!

I met Elder Cook, shook his hand and everything!!! WHAT! It was cool! I'll send pictures. 

Love you so much and hope you have a good week!

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