Monday, February 29, 2016

So last week we CRUSHED IT Elder Espinosa listened to my suggestions and now we have around 15 investigators progressing. We found a ton of families and we are working with them. One of the families has a lot of love for God but it will be hard because he's literally been "wanted" in the US for about 20 years... He trafficked drugs for almost all his life.. He ran to CR because his Mom was living here. He is from Boston and he LOVES me. He always offers to come pick us up, cut our hair or feed us. He's a really good guy. Also we have been working with a lot of inactives and so what's cool about that is that in less than 2 months our attendance at church has increased by 40 people. It's so cool. I was stressing about baptisms and stuff but realized that isn't my only job here. I absolutely love the music you sent me, for real. My companion doesn't appreciate the Disney though. Also today we went to PriceSmart. It's like COSTCO but really cheap. We honestly have so much food. Also I used my credit card to by 5 ties for 3 dollars. hahaha some of them are dope but others are ugly for sure. I love you mom and hope you are doing well! I always think of you and gain more and more love for you everyday!

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