Wednesday, September 28, 2016

September 28, 2016

Note from the MOM---Samson was able to go to the temple in Costa Rica, Saturday. Ely (his brother who served in Honduras) received a FB picture message of Sam and this girl in front of the temple. Ely served with her in Honduras, we were dying to know the story so we asked him to tell us how these two happened to meet up.
So what happened was this; we were at the temple with a convert from San Miguel and she (girl in photo) was sitting there with her boyfriend. Her boyfriend walked up to me and said "ay, my girlfriend wants to talk to you" so I automatically got super weirded out because NO ONE has ever said that to me in my life. So I played along with it and started talking with her. Hahaha so she basically spooked me for a second, because she said my last name perfectly so that was what made me ask her "do you know me?" It was so cool to hear her tell me things about my brother as a missionary.These are the things she said about Ely.
Good District Leader
Really serious
Spoke really well in Spanish
Really serious
Yeah I didn't believe it either but she said "really serious" twice. All in all it was maybe one of the weirdest conversations I have ever had in my entire life and it doesn't help that it was in another language.. hahaha

Temple=Lots of Love! Who is honestly going to the temple? I only get to go 2 times a year and I MISS IT SO MUCH! I went through the temple today and it was one of the best feelings. I remember sitting in the Celestial Room and I just felt the Spirit so strong. I felt the Spirit fill up my body and run through my veins. Honestly the temple is the best feeling. We went and did a session of endowments and I was sitting in the Celestial Room praying for the soul who I did the ordinance for. I prayed that he would have the humility of accepting the ordinance. I loved the feeling that I had and felt in that moment. I really learned a lot and it helped me become a better person and a missionary. I love it here. I love it so much. I am making friendships that will last a lifetime or at least I hope they do. I am meeting wholesome and dedicated servants of our Lord and Savior. I love it. I love this mission and I love this world. I am grateful for my friends and all the things they have taught me. I love my family and hope you're all doing well!! I will send the pictures of my adventures this week but its nothing in comparison to what I am feeling. I love you all!

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