Monday, October 3, 2016

October 3, 2016

I watched all of Saturday session in a ladys house, her name is Brenda and she is the greatest, I love her! I watched it in English and it was SOOO AMAZING, I loved all of it. I love how they Prophet, Apostles and church leaders) take something (gospel principle, commandment, etc.) that can sound so simple and make it so important. I love that. I watched it all in English because a member brought their laptop and he knows English as well, so it was fun. My absolute favorite talk was Elder Rasband. He spoke so humbly and precise as he delivered his message. I actually just downloaded it so I can listen to it again. It's a pretty great talk, I loved the way it made me feel more than anything. Its crazy how strong the Spirit is.

As for Dad, I am thankful for him too, he really is a great guy. He really is an example of putting into practice the things he learns. I love it! I hope you guys are making memories that will last a lifetime, I really do.

That's super funny about Stevie and Cade... It seems more like if Stevie isn´t yelling, she isn´t communicating. Its all good though sometimes I´m the same.

I learned something really valuable this conference. The thing is we just have to believe in others when they don't believe in themselves. Its hard but it is something I have seen a lot. I have had a lot of people in my district calling me because they don't see hope in their area or in the place they´re serving. All I can do is show them that there is always hope in all things. Never lose hope with anyone in our family!

This week really made me notice what was important and what is important. I learned that I need to change always, not just once. I love that we have that opportunity. I am so grateful for the Lord in my life and I am excited to learn more. I'm about 2 months from my year mark and I am pumped to keep learning. This Wednesday will be my 3rd change here in Paraiso and normally we are in areas for 3-4 changes so who knows whats going to happen. I am honestly trying so hard to remember everything that I do and say but its so hard. I really am grateful for what I am going through though. I am letting the Spirit change me because a change from the Spirit will be a more permanent change! It's all good. I love all of you and I hope you are living the life God wants you to live. If anyone needs anything I hope you know that I am here. I love all of you!
Elder Hansgen

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