Sunday, October 23, 2016

October 17, 2016

Life really is good and everything but this week is going to be tough! I am getting my toenail removed tomorrow, it will be interesting. I've heard they don´t give any anesthesia, so that's cool. If I had to put money on the truth right now I will tell you, I'M NOT EXCITED! I feel like I am going to need some sort of drug if they're going to remove one of my toenails! We will be doing divisions with the ZONE LEADERS. I like doing divisions, this week is changes so I am not sure where I will end up going/staying???
Life really is good. I am just enjoying all of the time I have with Tibbs. He honestly has become one of my very good friends in the mission and I am pumped to see how things go with him. Yeah, he likes making ugly faces a lot so i kinda just let him, hahaha. But he really is awesome! His moms name is Peggy Tibbs so if you want to talk to her or FB stalk her...
We are working hard so that the area will be able to start the next change, booming. I'm pumped!
I am trying to convert myself to the Gospel more and more and the hardest thing for me is the music! In the streets, in the advertisements and the cars that pass by. I love music and it is hard to not be distracted by it. I am trying to be a more consecrated servant of the Lord.
This week I thought about how GREAT my life at home was. I always had what I needed and even more. I have great friends that always pushed me to be better and I am truly blessed. I thought about them and all the love I get from them and it makes me excited to keep the friends I have made in the mission and I really love this life. I have talked a lot about the crap that happens in the church and all of the judgement and criticism in the church and I will not lie, it's there. I have felt it. I have lived it. BUT THOSE PEOPLE DO NOT UNDERSTAND IT, SO THEY RUIN IT: I have talked many times about the importance of understanding the Gospel and it is the ONLY WAY we can love it. I am learning and understand more and more each day, I am changing. The world we live in is asking for more and more members who STAND OUT. People who are really understanding the Gospel. Because those who talk bad of others don´t understand it, ruin it. SO I am really asking everyone, anyone whoever reads this email to understand the Gospel more so you don´t ruin it! I love all of the people who reads this and sends me prayers because it really is a blessing. I am kind of forceful or blunt with this because I am SO SICK AND TIRED of people being "hurt" physically or spiritually from other members. WE as missionaries hear stories all the time of getting hurt by others and we need to be careful and loving!
I love you all and I hope you have a good week!

Elder Sam Hansgen

I bought a turtleneck for $1.50 it seemed like a good idea.

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