Monday, November 28, 2016

November 21, 2016

WOW!!! Words can not describe the happiness I feel thinking about Braydon Cutak serving a mission! I always knew he was going to do incredible things and I am excited to see where things go for him. Its going to be incredible. I am so, so, so, happy. Buenes Aires Argentina! Wahooo!

Anyways... Lets go through the week. It was a roller coaster of events..

Monday. Who cares because I talked to you guys on Monday.

Tuesday. Divisions in Aserri. I went with Elder Elias and he took me to my Mom in the mission. I love the family and they are the ones who threw eggs at me for my birthday. It was a great experience. I went to visit their family. The wife goes to church each week because she does not have to work on Sundays, the husband does work so he cannot attend. Anyways, it is a really special family for me and I loved seeing them. They used to live in San Miguel so that's another reason why I love them so much!!

Wednesday. Divisions in San Miguel, the area where i started and had success is now not having success so President gave us permission to go and work the area for a day. Because my companion and I lived together in that area and we know it really well. So it was fun. I got to see Suley, who is now the cook for the missionaries and a young women counselor. She is GOLD, and it is incredible. Then I got to see David, 1st convert. He hasn´t been to church in a while and that hurts me but he is doing good. He said he was going to start leaving with the missionaries and doing divisions, he is awesome. We had the district meeting in San Miguel and then Elder Paiz the DL there told us he's going home to have surgery on his foot. He has an overgrown Tibula. So he will be back in January. He told us he is planning on going to baptized all his friends while he's gone. Hes a good missionary.

Thursday. Weekly planning (3 hours) and a meeting in our church. We had one lesson. I hate days like that. I feel useless, uggghhh!

Friday. Divisions in our area and we FINALLY got to work in La Loma. We did divisions with Elder Perez (Mexico) and Elder Draper (Wyoming) we had a good day and that is where all of our numbers came from this week. It was cool. That's the day I opened up my package and I am not going to lie, I already ate all of the food. It has been so long since I have LOVED the food I am eating so I lost all control and ! have no regrets...


Saturday, was a good day with not that many lessons but we always play soccer in the church and it is a good time. I love that freakin' sport!

Sunday. We saw a ton of miracles. We had planned like 7 people to show up to church and we called all of them and they were ASLEEP! But a ton of members brought friends and old investigators and we have a ton of lessons planned this week. It will be a good week. It was cool to see the support from the members here, they help a ton. I love it. I love the mission and I hope you are all doing well. The gospel is the truth but it is our job to put it into practice. I love it so much. I hope you guys know I love you and I pray for you. Enjoy the photos and have a good week!

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