Monday, November 28, 2016

November 28, 2016

My thoughts from reading your email..
1 Wait! What the freak you're renting the downstairs?? When was that plan talked about in FAMILY HOME EVENING??
2 I finished my second journal yesterday. 2 completely full.
3 How are the Lunt's? I thought about them the other day, hope is all with them and Grandma Pauline!
4 Yes, I got my Halloween box and I enjoyed it thoroughly.
5 Hurricane Otto is the freaking devil. It has everyone scared that they're going to be swallowed up in a storm so everyone stays in the house. WHICH MEANS---- No one at church, it sucked.
6 Mom I am so freaking happy to have you in my life. You're the only one who listens to my craziness to the point where it doesn't sound so crazy. I love that about you!

THE TOPIC of this week was PREPARATION- Man, November was a really good month, it really was. This month the whole zone set out a pretty high goal for baptisms and man o' man did we see some trials. 1 person couldn't resist breaking the Law of Chastity, so we had to lengthen the date more and more. That put us one shy of the goal and we were praying for miracles. Then the Hermana's in an area called ASERRI baptized an eternal investigator. She is a great lady who just went to church because it felt spiritual. I guess the Lord was just preparing her for the right moment. Its cool too because in ASERRI a Hermana is being trained so its cool to see the power and spirit from the NEW ONES. So we finished this change with 13 confirmations in a Zone of 11 companionships. Its a great and marvelous work.
So back to why I wanted to title this week PREPARATION?? Well a very, very, very, good missionary here told us one thing in his last Leadership Meeting. He said "that if WE are prepared in any moment Satan will not have a chance to effect the Lord's work." It is so true. I was not fully prepared to go on a mission and that is why it has been so hard. Well, not so hard, but not as smoothly as it could be, is a better way to put it. I love my mission, I know and feel that it is perfect for me. It's a blessing beyond belief! So another opportunity to learn about preparedness came when I was talking to a member who I love and adore who I actually met in San Miguel like my first week. His name is Miguel Guerrero. He honestly was prepared to be a member when he came back from his mission. He came back, he studied, got married and his first calling was a counselor to the Stake President at age 22! It's incredible. He told me yesterday that I am a good missionary and that having a year in the mission I need to start preparing for after. He obviously told me to keep working and those are all of my intentions but I don't want to go home and just hit a brick wall of not knowing what to do. THAT WOULD SUCK! He told me to start thinking about where I want to work and who I want to marry and start making plans. I know Mom, that is exactly what you have told me my entire life so it was just like talking about my math homework for like the 2000th time, but this time it hit me. I really want to do things well, I want to have a plan so that God can help me with my goals! It really does help a lot. I am just learning that I need to be more prepared like all of the Scout crap I went through. Its an amazing life I am living and I am grateful for all of the things I am learning out here. Its a huge blessing!!
Love you,
Elder Hansgen

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