Thursday, December 8, 2016

December 5, 2016

Note from Mom---Unfortunately we had to write Sam with some terrible news, a former team member from the Sparta comp. team passed away on November 27. The men were asked to write something about Andrew so that some thoughts and feelings about him could be treasured by his family. Here is what Elder Hansgen had to say...

Andrew Weeks: Honestly one of the most sincere loving people I have ever met in my life. I remember when I went to Mesquite as a guest player and he got a concussion the first 15 minutes of the game. He powered through and supported us throughout the entire tournament. Then I remember when cancer was found in his body and he also powered through and supported us at practice and at games. I could always count on Andrew Weeks to make a funny or smart-aleck comment or joke, I love that about him. I also remember how well he treated me on such a competitive team. Everyone there was searching for a spot on the team but I could still feel the love and respect he had for me as a person. Being a missionary at this moment I don´t quite know how I feel about the situation that has occurred but I do know one thing; God's love is infinite! I have recognized in my very short year of mission service that no matter how great the darkness may feel, light will always be more powerful. I recognized light in Andrew Weeks and I know that he still has it. Andrew was a match in a room with the lights off and everyone could see his light. I regret not looking out for him more before his death to have talked or stayed in touch because in all honesty Andrew Weeks was a good friend. Like I wrote on the game ball we presented to Andrew about 2 years ago when he was diagnosed with cancer ¨I love you Andrew- Sam Hansgen¨

This week.
The Power of Words! So, as a missionary, sometimes we have sure luck and blessings of God to get letters. De ves en cuando.. hahaha but lately I have been reading some of the things that people have written me over the past few years. I have saved all of the letters I have ever gotten and it really has been a blessing. This past week I was tired, my body hurts and I hardly ever get a full nights rest. Honestly, it was a hard week emotionally more than anything. So I started digging through the letters and cards that I have been given over the last few years and a card I found from a very loved brother of mine was just what I needed! Ely wrote a letter to me (while he was on his mission) and it was attached to a newspaper strip written about Lionel Messi, he also included a picture of Samuel the Lamanite. He said on that piece of paper that with the knowledge he has about me and my life that there is no reason that I couldn't be greater than those 2 men.

Lionel Messi for many parts of the world is known as the worlds best soccer player. I AGREE!
I have studied Lionel Messi to death and I can say that I understand how he plays. He is not cocky, he knows himself and he knows his teammates. He trusts in himself enough to get things done but he understands that he can´t do it alone!

Samuel the Lamanite is known in the scriptures as a brave man of God who was not afraid to preach the truth. He taught about the Birth of our Lord and how it was going to change the nature of man. I AGREE!

I have studied the story of Samuel the Lamanite and I have noticed, that he trusted in himself and the knowledge that he obtained. He understood his life calling and he took action. He also recognized that if he put his faith completely in God, the darts and arrows of his enemies would not touch him.

The point that I was missing in order to get the Lords work done was self belief. I had lost sight. But... I CAN DO HARD THINGS! I was losing faith in myself and I really got down on myself. Something that I have realized in this great and marvelous work is that God understands that we can´t do everything! Because, we are not perfect! But HE wants us to do ONE SIMPLE THING--- Try! He wasn´t going to send us here as perfect because that would destroy the central purpose of our existence. We need to try our faith in God. It's the only way things can work here. I guess that puts a whole new meaning to the scripture that says the occurrence of a miracle only comes after the trial of our faith. I love the trials of faith and I love this life. Its a giant trial of faith. I love all of you and I hope you know that. I pray for you and I hope you pray for yourselves too. I love you all. Have a good week. Elder Sam Hansgen

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