Monday, November 7, 2016

November 7, 2016

My toe is really weird. It feels fine and it just looks different from the other toes because the chunk of nail missing. But what ever I hate toes, hahaha they're ugly! I was planning on making a video for Stevie for her birthday but my camera jacked up and then I forgot! Ooops, Happy Birthday, Sister!

Life is good, my house is really small and there is no food. So this whole waiting to open my HUMP DAY package is a bunch of crap! We just don't have much money.

Eating with Eric and Suzanne in a hotel was really fun. We went to a Holiday Inn in San Jose

We had the first Zone activity in this area and it was fun. We went to this volcano again and we played a little baseball. FUN FACT: Latins do NOT understand Baseball and teaching everyone how was probably more frustrating than learning Spanish. Holy cow, it was a rough experience!

This week was hard. We didn't get to teach much at all because of divisions and meetings up the freaking WAZOO but it ended up being a good week. We had 5 baptisms in the zone and that is always good. We will have 7 more next week and that is what we are hoping for. The best part about this week was last night. Bishop Quesada is one of the most incredible men I have ever met. He is insanley in tune with the Spirit and he is 100% dedicated to helping us as missionaries. It is a huge blessing. I just started talking to him about some minor problems I was having and he just listened and helped. I really just appreciated the sincerity of it. His wife called him to see where he was at and he just ignored it. I really felt the love of Christ and I am really grateful for the example he is and the advice he gave me. It was the best! I just started talking to him about normal stuff, like missing home and hearing about stupid stuff from the outside world and I really liked his answer. He just said, "Numb that side of your life and search for the spiritual side of things. Obviously we need worldly things to live but when it comes down to it the important things are the habits and blessings we take to the other life." I know I can have a lot of knowledge in the scriptures but if I don't know how to put them in my life then it is useless knowledge. He also just told me how grateful he was for me and the dedication I have to becoming better and that helped a lot too. It honestly was just a good conversation.

Here are some pictures of my week. Have a good one, I love you all!!!

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