Monday, December 19, 2016

December 19, 2016


I opened up the little box to me and my comp opened up his. The REST OF THE GIFTS ARE STILL ALIVE.
I will be "skyping" at 8:0O CLOCK ON SUNDAY NIGHT, Please be there so I can call you and tell you whats up!
I can honestly say that before the mission I did not know how to be a member. When I came here I realized all the things we ask the members to do. It's a blessing to obtain this knowledge and begin to put it to practice for the rest of my life.
I always knew Grandpa had a soft side behind all of the hard skin and hair. Hes a good guy and I can´t wait to hear him complain again. "Somebody outta...."
The New Testament is a very powerful set of scriptures and I love it a lot. But nothing will ever compare to the good 'ol fashion BOOK OF MORMON!
That's crazy to think that Brianna is already coming home, its cool though.

SO everyone here has been calling me old, I am officially out of the new stage and into the responsibility. It has been and is going to continue to be one heck of a ride. Its a great time to be in the mission. We are learning a lot about our own conversion and how best to be able to convert others. Its a big quest but its going to be worth it. This week I just kind of feel the need to share a few of my favorite scriptures, ENJOY!

1->Mosiah 2:41
2->Alma 7:23-24
3->Alma 29:10 SO POWERFUL
4->Alma 48:17
5->3 Nephi 12:8
6->Mormon 9:7-11

The biggest thing I have learned so far on the mission is how powerful the Book of Mormon is. I understand the story but the most important thing is that I understand why the story was written. God made a covenant with Enos to bring the Book of Mormon out into the world at the perfect time. GOD MADE A COVENANT FOR US AND THIS BOOK! To truly learn and understand enduring to the end we need to read and understand what the Book of Mormon is teaching us. We have to keep reading, understanding and living what we are being taught in the Book of Mormon.
This week my letter is short but I just want to tell you all to read the Book of Mormon. Its incredible! I love you ll and i hope you have a good week!

1-Chico from San Miguel
2-Stilts baby!!!
3-The children we fed as service.
4-Zona La PAZ!!!
5-WE finally got the mom to come to church!!!
6-The best missionary ever!! Shes the cutest.
7-The Zone
8-The first Critter named Keylor. For you Ely and Zach!

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