Tuesday, December 27, 2016

December 26, 2016

"Last Christmas I gave you my heart..."

So this week---
Monday, we had a Christmas Family Home Evening in the mission, it was so much fun. The last time I saw a lot of people that were new and it made me realize how much time I have been here!

Christmas Eve, dinner with the Stake President, I went to bed at like 11:30 because my comp and I have to plan a bunch of stuff in this coming week. It will be a fun week.

Christmas, woke up and opened up my gifts! I LOVE THEM! I cant wait to get fat and love all the candy. Life will be way fun in the coming days. But after opening gifts we hit the pavement and started inviting everyone to church. We had an unsuccessful TURN OUT! Only 70 people showed up and supposedly that's normal, who knows? We went and ate at the Bishops house and grilled some good old-fashioned, seasoned steak. It was good! Then we went out to preach and found a family of 3 that were super cool. Its just funny because we show up to a house and we are always super forward. They were really closed off at first but then they opened up and it was cool. So, yeah, that was my week. I finished the week off by crying like a lost 3 year old at Circus Circus. It was so good to see my family and i love the blessing I have of having a family. Its the greatest!
I love you all and the pictures will come! Have a good week and I will talk to you next week. Dueces...

Christmas Family Home Evening-

Christmas Eve-

Christmas Day-

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