Sunday, January 8, 2017

January 2, 2017

2016 The best year of my life.

As I look back on 2016 I can´t help but realize that this will be the only FULL year of my life where I am physically, spiritually, and emotionally guided by my Savior Jesus Christ. I can´t help but think about the power of the Lord I have been able to see. I literally have seen the power of 5 simple steps change the lives of thousands. The stories of converts I have been able to hear, the people I have been able to teach. The blessings I have been able to see fall from Heaven. The power of this gospel is heavenly, it really is. I will never be able to forget the year 2016 because it is the year I gained my own testimony of the divine truth of this gospel. I have learned many things over these past months and they are things I hope to never forget.

I learned that Heavenly Father truly knows me. I will ask certain things and I will receive certain answers. I have recognized the power from the Heavenly Being who gave me the chances to change my life. I have never seen my Father in Heaven but I can not deny His presence in my life.

I learned that we need to be children again. We need to have the right amount of humility to accept our Savior's counseling. This life here, is so that we can learn. It does not matter how much money we have or how many girls we dated or anything like that.

I learned that the Book of Mormon is the most important thing in this Church. The power of God that exists on every single page. I feel myself in every single one s because I have understood that this Book is important in my life. I understand that it is a book of covenants and this book came at the perfect time for the Restoration.

I learned that I can baptize the entire population here in Costa Rica but if I don´t work on my own spiritual conversion this mission would be a giant waste of time. I am not here to have the most numbers. I am not here to learn the best Spanish. I am here to learn how to be a man, a priesthood holder, a father, a husband, and a brother.

I have learned how blessed I really am in this world. I have struggled and I continue to do so. But I know that I am not a perfect person in God´s plan, but it is a perfect plan for me. I have learned what its like to put all of my trust in one person.

I testify to all the people reading this, that this church is true. I can not and will not deny it. I have see miracles placed right before me and it just shows me more how much God loves us. I promise you all in this moment that my words will not show that I am a changed man. But that my actions may give testimony to my words. I love 2016 and I will be grateful for the rest of my life for the FULL, COMPLETE, JOYFUL, AND BEST year of my life. I love you all and I hope all have a good week. I love you so much and hope you're all doing well.

Elder Sam Hansgen

Sunday Morning!

The family that is getting married next week!

Just enjoying a good 'ol Sunday afternoon!

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