Monday, January 23, 2017

January 23,2017

Thoughts from your letter...
Yellowstone is a yes from me, I want to chill and get to know my family again.
Can we all plan a trip to Costa Rica?
I love you all so much!
Stevie is the best, she would have been an incredible missionary!

My thoughts on your question? ( I asked for clarification on changes)
President Hayes says he has very good leaders, so when the leaders are about to go home he sends them to a very hard area because he knows that they can change it. So he said that all of us have that "little" time left in the mission he is going to send us all to the boonies to change the success of that area. He wants us to train too because he wants more leadership minded missionaries. So this last change is when he changed a lot of leaders and we have a lot of new ZLs. It has been fun getting to know them. I am still in the same area but with a different companion. His name is Elder Hernandez from Guatemala. He is a very, very good missionary. Its been really fun being with him. Shumway, is in the other companionship in the same ward as me and its been really fun to be with him again.

This week:: The Eternity
My mother has asked me to share what I teach with the people I meet. If I could put one emphasis in my teaching with my companion and the Holy Ghost it would be the eternity. I always try to help others understand the way our Father in Heaven thinks. If we take a string and tie it from end to end in a room and then put our finger around the string that would be the span of our life. The string would be the knowledge and timing of God. Sometimes we need to go about life and do the things we are asked, just because of the faith we have in our Father in Heaven. We don´t always understand why we are asked to do these things. We just need to understand that we are being asked to show our faith in our Father in Heaven and he is literally perfect! I came to this country doing the will of my Father and I don´t understand the why and what all the time but I understand that He understands. I just need to follow. A while ago I met a young women named Meylin and she has a son who is 4 years old. She is "la querida" in Spanish. Meaning that her sons father has another women but he always was sending money to Meylin so that she did not have to work. It is super messed up but really common here. When we spent time with her we found that she really did have the desire to do our Fathers will. She studied all of the things we taught her and she really wanted to learn more. Her being in the situation she was in she wasn't living the Law of Chastity. So we started to have her act in faith. We were teaching her really basic stuff and we started to explain that families are eternal only if we do the right things while we are here in the earth. So she needed to understand that her child could not be raised in the environment that he was. If she truly wanted to be with everyone who really loved her in eternity she had to drop those who did not love her here. Long story short she dropped the person who was paying for everything and she is getting baptized on February 5th! It has been a blessing to gain this knowledge. We here on earth, playing on an eternal scale! So that is what I have been teaching and learning on my mission. We are all here for the eternity and its a blessing to start off well.
I love you all and I hope you have a good week!

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