Sunday, February 12, 2017

February 6, 2017

WOOOOOAAAH! This whole time thing is flying by! It's so weird to think that the majority of my friends are home in the next few months and then I follow them. No I don't want to go home but it's inevitable really....

If I am to be 100% honest with everyone! I'M SO TIRED! I have been doing this whole mission thing for a while and sometimes I don't think I can climb up one more hill!

So I feel like talking about The Atonement! This gift is truly the greatest gift ever. Just like the people of Moses when he rose a brass serpent to save lives, the Atonement works the same. Its incredible. The story of Moses is when they are in the desert and for talking bad about our Father in Heaven he sent a "trial." This same story can be used to teach the importance of a prophet and how we always need to listen to them. But in this case the prophet received the revelation in this moment to be saved. All the people needed to do was look at what was important, in this case the brass serpent, to be saved from the "trial". Its the same with Jesus Christ and in fact He was risen on the cross the same as the brass serpent. So us, being in Gods kingdom just need to focus on whats important... The Son of God. It's the same thing, those people were in pain because flying serpents were poisoning them. They were sinning for talking disrespectfully about a celestial being. But if they would have just looked to the most important thing in that moment (brass serpent, or Jesus Christ) they would have been saved. Later on in the story it tells that many people perished because of "the hardness of their hearts or the pride of their being" its incredible how stupid we can be as people. It's incredible that sometimes in the hardest "trials" we face as humans we don´t turn to the Atonement. It's the only 100% healing power on the earth.

Guys I am tired. I walk up massive hills under the Costa Rican sun and let me tell you... it is hot! So I really need the Atonement some days just to carry me through. It is incredible because every time when I feel like I can´t go anymore I can literally feel Jesus Christ carrying me. So here I am as a representative of Jesus Christ. I know that this is the true church. God loves his children and he sent His Son as a pure act of love. It is the most glorious gift that any person has ever been able to give us and I invite all of you to lose a little bit of the pride in your hearts and utilize the Atonement of Jesus Christ! I love this church and I love my older brother Jesus Christ. I hope you all do too! Have a good week!

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