Monday, March 20, 2017

March 20, 2017

That looks like a great time in Florida!! I love seeing you guys so happy!
I love all of the pictures so keep sending them!

Well lets just start to tell you about the success we are having in LA PAZ! We are planning on breaking a record this upcoming week of 15 baptisms in one week. This is something that has never been done before and we are really looking forward to it.

My companion and I are also looking forward to a baptism this week for a family of 4. I love my family and everything but I absolutely LOVE this family and will for sure be coming back here to visit these guys when they get sealed. I love them so much!
We met them about a month and a half ago and they are truly incredible! They are Vanessa and Miguel their two children Hilary 19 and Fabricio 7. I love them all and their grandmother,Teresa. We met them and invited them to church and they said they couldn't but that the next week they would go. (something everyone says) But we had an incredible first lesson and I could truly see their desire to learn about the gospel. They had a lot of questions about the eternal family. Like how was it posible and how they could obtain it. Its really odd because that same day I was walking around with a Liahona that only teaches about the temples. It was basically perfect for that occasion, it was cool. So the following week we had another lesson and we were kind of nervous because the husband was never there so it was like. "okay things are going really well with the women but what does the dad think?" Turns out he was super cool and really, really humble even though they are the most wealthy people that live in our area, so yeah, pretty awesome. They showed up to an activity and this is where its great...
So here in this country a lot of members think that for being so young we aren´t able to push ourselves and work hard in the obra. Well, my companion and I pushed way hard and we ended up having 16 people at the activity between the two companionships, including that family. The members got way pumped and they started taking over, inviting them to their houses and telling them to come to church, so it was perfect! Throughout all of the teachings the daughter started to go to institute and the Mom has a great testimony about the Book of Mormon and always invites her friends to the church. Its been great. We did the baptismal interview and they passed it with FLYING COLORS and I asked, "Have you guys felt the way the Spirit has taught you over this past month?" Each one of them bore their testimony and they all shared their feelings about the family! It was beautiful!
I love it here! I love this gospel and I am happy to have the hand of God in my life. I love all of you and I love the way you all treat me. Have a good week!

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