Tuesday, April 11, 2017

April 10, 2017

CAMBIOS: I got sent to Zona Sur, it is a district of 5 branches and the average church attendance is about 30 people. So far it is awesome. Super different from what I am used to but I am really excited to keep working and pushing myself. I'm in an area called Neily, It is about 15-20 minutes from the Panama border, so yes, I went there today. It is also around 90-95 degrees every day, so basically its hot, hahaha!

Something cool that we are all learning here, "How to live the Higher Law set by Christ."

In the time of the Old Testament Moses had set the "Eye for an Eye" law. For instance, people had the right to stone you as punishment, you could only walk a certain number of steps on a Saturday, etc. There were a lot of people trying to catch someone breaking the law and NO LOVE! When Christ was here on the earth He set the Higher Law. The blessing from Christ's law is that we can now be our one people (decide for ourselves).The only way we can return to live with our Father in Heaven is through obedience and love. Having agency allows me to obey when I want to obey. God loves me, He gives me the opportunity to obey and learn. The reason and the absolute only reason that we should obey is out of love not fear or guilt. We should not have to be forced to obey or to love. When we come to know Heavenly Father in a way that we are grateful and happy we will want to obey and please Him. We will want to receive all the blessings He has for us.

The other day President was talking to all the Zone Leaders and Assistants. In his words he said. "Elders, you now know from being in the mission for more than a year that it is almost IMPOSSIBLE to obey all the rules of the mission. So I trust all of you to do the right thing, but not to stress out! Don't worry so much that you do not enjoy your mission. What we need to do is push ourselves to work hard but still keep the LOVE for ourselves and others that Christ taught us." "So Elders and Sisters, if you are not going to get home on time at night do not run to get home, you might run right passed someone who wanted to hear a message. If you are in someones house for longer than 45 minutes its okay, that person needed to hear a little bit more. Just love the mission Elders, but stay smart! Be your own judges because you are no longer children!"

I love this gospel and I love how simply beautiful it can be. I love the way Christ taught us to have His pure love. I love everyone and I am really truly grateful that we are no longer living the Law of Moses! Stay safe and love this gospel, Have a good week!

Here are a few photo's of saying goodbye in my last area!

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