Thursday, April 20, 2017

April 17, 2017

Life is good. I got so freaking happy when I saw that picture of the whole family!! I kind of got a little homesick because I love Gma's House! Grandpa looks a little "butthurt" in those photos, but it come with age! I love seeing the whole family all together and it will be crazy when Keller and I are back.

We we are coming up on 17 months of this shindig and things are getting crazy. I'm at that point where I need a plan and all that jazz but I still have a lot to do here, it feels weird. A lot of the people I know are home or getting there soon. It is just getting weird for me is all.

Things are going well here, but I cannot tell a lie, it is really, really, really, hard to work in this area! It is blazing hot and we live close to the beach so with spring break this last week we were walking a lot. We are looking forward to the success here and I am looking forward to my Easter package. I am going to the office next week so I will be able to pick it up there. I live far away so it will be a while to get packages.

I really don't have much to say today, sorry. I feel bad but its just fun getting to know a new area and new members and friends and stuff like that. All the members here are really cool so they all want me to come back and visit them. whats cool about that is that its about an hour and a half away from the beach so I am definitely coming back here!

Life is going really well and President Hayes wanted changes here in this zone and so we are going to start with that. We are putting a mini rule in place; everyone in the zone has to finish the week finding 10 new investigators and putting 5 baptismal dates! We also have to invite everyone in the house to listen to the message so that we can start blessing more families with the restored gospel. Its going to be great and we are really excited about how its going to end up. I love the work and honestly the best part of this week were the pictures so remember to look at the drive..

Love you all!!

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