Monday, June 26, 2017

June 5, 2017

Wow, Mom I am so sorry to hear about Uncle Randy! I remember how happy and loving he was, he seemed to always look for that "someone" in the group that wasn't talking and include them or help them to help them join in. I'm sorry that happened. I know you are stressed about speaking at the funeral but something I have learned is this...As humans we tend to complicate things for ourselves, we sometimes want to say the the words to make things sound better. We want to add new paint to an already famous painting. It is something all of us do about even with our Lord and Savior, Jesus Christ. We sometimes try and take the words in the scriptures and twist them so that they come across more ¨beautiful¨ but the thing is if we are 100 percent honest with what happened and how things went down we really just let the truth be whats beautiful. So Mom don't worry about more things to say about Uncle Randy. Just tell things how they were, tell everyone about his life, what he was to you. He was a great person and you don't need to add to that!

But honestly Mom, I am loving it here. It's super challenging, with such a little amount of members it is really hard to make sure that there is an environment of love. Its super difficult and that's why I love it. Sometimes we fall in a routine as people and this lovely little RAMA has thrown a mix into the things. I love it here. Sorry I don't have much to write but I love my family and that's going to be great to come back to!

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