Monday, July 31, 2017

July 31, 2017

This week was incredible! We have been working so hard to help the members understand at least the basics of what this church requires of us. It has been a long, tough road but it was all worth it this last week. We had a bunch of people in church and its been a true blessing. So the Mission Leader in the Branch was inactive before we arrived and now he has been coming for like 3 months straight!! There was a baptism we had last week and we just put him 100% in charge. He had to call people to ask them to give talks and he had to be the one to set it all up. All we did was fill the font up with water. It was truly a blessing because we could see the light that he was feeling. It was awesome! We also have been working really hard with the Presidency so it has been nice to go on visits with the District President. The Branch President has not helped us yet but we plan to go out with him on Thursday. Honestly, being a missionary has mostly shown me how I want to be as a member after the mission. I don't know how it will be in Utah but it truly has been impossible to do any of the work with out the members here. They deserve so many of the blessings that have come from their hard work and dedication to the gospel.

We had a super, great P-day today.We went to some place called La Torre de Golfito today and it was awesome, it was a beautiful view and it was so fun being together as a Zone.

Love you all and I hope you're doing well! Have a good week!
Elder Sam Hansgen

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